Brad Pitt isn't conscious of the emotionalism encompassing his viral get-together with Jennifer Aniston at the SAG grants.

Pitt, 56, and Aniston, 50, started a media free for all after they were captured sharing a snicker together behind the stage at Sunday's entertainment pageant. In one photograph that turned into a web sensation, Pitt clutched Aniston's wrist after she had set her hand on his chest.

While conversing with Entertainment Tonight, Pitt conceded he didn't actually focus on the open's response to the buzzworthy minute.

"I'm ecstatically innocent and I'm going to remain as such," he told the outlet at the 35th Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Wednesday.

The on-screen character included that he basically hasn't read the features about it.

Pitt's disclosure comes after sources as of late revealed to ET that the "Some time ago in Hollywood" on-screen character has "apologized" to Aniston for past issues he caused in their relationship.

The "Morning Show" entertainer and Pitt initially met in 1998 while Aniston was featuring as Rachel on what might turn into the notorious sitcom, "Companions." The pair were set up by their operators, and Aniston disclosed to Diane Sawyer in a 2004 meeting that her first experience with Pitt was "extremely simple" and "fun."

The well known couple made their honorary pathway debut in September 1999 at the Emmys and became drawn in two months after the fact. They got married in July 2000 of every a Malibu, Calif. what's more, separated in 2005 after Pitt was connected to his "Mr. what's more, Mrs. Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie.

Pitt wedded Jolie in 2014 and the mother of six sought legal separation two years after the fact. In the interim, Aniston marry Justin Theroux in 2015 and they reported their partition in February 2018.