Everyone knows venturing into a parking area makes the plausibility of getting run over by a vehicle - however by a deer?

Ken Worthy had recently completed lunch at the McDonald's in Locust, North Carolina, last Wednesday when - unexpectedly - a deer jogged over the parking garage and amazed him, as per CNN member WSOC.

"It was completely nuts," Worthy told WSOC. "It was a tad of darker, and afterward I saw his face, I was down on the ground - that fast."

In observation video Worthy posted, Ken drives the path to their vehicle in the parking garage with his better half, Deanne, following intently behind.

Ken looks on his right side, sees the deer and takes a gander at it. Giving no indication of halting, the deer runs directly over him, wrecking him. After a brisk beat or two on the ground, Ken moves to his feet and bounces back up. The deer didn't stop.

Commendable, a resigned investigator, expressed he's seen a few things at work however this specific deer experience found him napping. He's appreciative his significant other wasn't harmed and that children weren't in the parking garage.

The couple figured out how to leave the occurrence without damage, as indicated by Worthy's Facebook post.

"Life is insane at some point," he composed. "God is acceptable ALL the time! Not harmed. PS: Didn't spill my coke!"