Can't get your hands on Gwyneth Paltrow's sold-out "This Smells Like My Vagina" flame? Fault Elton John.

As indicated by Heretic perfumer Douglas Little, who alongside the Goop originator made the viral votive, the 72-year-old music legend can't get enough of the outrageous aroma.

"Elton John purchased a huge amount of them. Like a great deal. Like, a great deal a ton. He's a fan," Little disclosed to The Cut. "We have been harassed and stalked by such huge numbers of individuals [trying to get one]. I saw the flame being sold on eBay at a ludicrous cost."

The craftsman said that he and Paltrow, 47, needed to make "something that was well proportioned and sexy and furthermore provocative and fun," and killed the idea that the last item — notwithstanding its "musky notes" and much-talked about name — is intended to reflect the fragrance of the Goop master's own under districts.

"Trying to say the word — vagina! — is stunning to certain individuals," he told the outlet. "Why the f—k is that? There's no explanation. It's this delightful, sacrosanct thing but then in our general public and in numerous social orders there is a ton of disgrace and disgrace. I think individuals are tired of that."

With respect to Martha Stewart's recommendation that men are to thank for the item's prosperity?

"I would say that regarding 92 percent of our clients for this item are female," Little said. "When was the last time a lot of horny folks were out purchasing scented candles?"

Consider the "Flame In the Wind" vocalist a special case, maybe.