iOS: All you have to make fascinating, excellent video content nowadays is a cell phone. With the privilege applications, what used to require additional apparatus and programming should for the most part all be possible on a solitary iPhone—including recording numerous shots all the while. That is all gratitude to DoubleTake, a free iOS application that can record from two of your iPhone's numerous cameras at the same time. It is as of now accessible for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS (and XS Max), and the iPhone XR. Your iPhone will likewise should be running iOS 13.

Not exclusively can DoubleTake record recordings utilizing two of the back confronting cameras all the while, yet you can likewise film utilizing the front and back cameras simultaneously so you can catch film from numerous viewpoints on the double. The application even records separate sound from the iPhone's distinctive mics.

Doubletake likewise has a few choices for designing and sparing the video documents, as well, including sparing the two recordings as independent documents, as a solitary record where the two recordings play at the same time next to each other, or as a major picture-in-picture video.

There are absolutely numerous ways you could utilize DoubleTake—I'm willing to wager TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube clients could receive a ton in return—yet as CNET calls attention to in its grasp on test, the application is still in the early stages. At dispatch, DoubleTake can record two 1080p recordings simultaneously, yet just at 24, 25, or 30 fps, and you can't utilize certain essential camera highlights like zoom. It seems like more highlights will be included future updates, yet there's still a lot of motivation to give a shot the application in case you're intrigued.