The authority said the damage was minor and the individual had since come back to obligation.

A State Department representative said Sunday evening that they "know about reports of rockets arriving in the International Zone," yet didn't address the US consulate itself. The State Department didn't react to an inquiry regarding whether any government office representatives were harmed.

"We approach the Government of Iraq to satisfy its commitments to secure our strategic offices," the representative said.

There have been various rocket assaults on Baghdad's Green Zone, where the international safe havens of the US and a few other western nations are found, and the zone encompassing it as of late. Nonetheless, the entire of Iraq is on an uplifted condition of caution as strains between the US and Iran have significantly expanded as of late after the US executing of key Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and Iran's retaliatory rocket assault on an Iraqi base lodging US troops.

The State Department didn't straightforwardly reprimand Tehran for the rocket strikes in the Iraqi capital, yet the representative's announcement made reference to Iranian dangers in the district and past assaults by Iranian-upheld civilian armies on US interests. There was no quick case of duty regarding the assault.

"The security circumstance stays tense and Iranian-upheld equipped gatherings stay a risk. In this way, we stay careful," the representative said. Since September there have been in excess of 14 assaults by Iran and Iranian-bolstered local armies on US work force in Iraq, as per the State Department.

The representative said the State Department would not remark further on the security circumstance in Baghdad.

Rep. Michael McCaul, the lead Republican on the House Foreign Affairs advisory group, said in a tweet Sunday that he is "intently checking reports of a rocket assault focusing on the U.S. Consulate in Baghdad."

"Vicious acts against our discretionary offices are essentially unsuitable. We should guarantee the wellbeing of American representatives, troops and different Americans in Iraq."

Adil Abdul Mahdi, the head administrator of Iraq, denounced the assault and said Iraqi powers have been requested to "send, search, and explore to forestall the repeat of such assaults, and to capture the individuals who propelled these rockets with the goal that they can be rebuffed."

The Prime Minister said the Iraqi government is "focused on ensuring every discretionary strategic taking every vital measure to accomplish this."

Raising strains

Baghdad's Green Zone was at first cut out of focal Baghdad by US-drove powers after their intrusion of Iraq in 2003 and is to a great extent saw as a protected area, notwithstanding often being the objective of rocket assaults.

Prior this month, the US consulate was the site of mass fights in light of US airstrikes on an Iranian-supported volunteer army bunch toward the finish of December.

Those strikes were propelled in counter to assaults by an Iranian-supported Shia civilian army bunch known as Kataib Hezbollah, which had harmed various American military faculty, as indicated by US authorities.

Toward the beginning of January, Iran terminated various rockets at two Iraqi bases lodging US troops in counter for the American strike that slaughtered Soleimani in an automaton strike at Baghdad International air terminal.

On Friday the Pentagon uncovered that 34 US administration individuals have been determined to have horrendous cerebrum wounds following the Iranian rocket assault.

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