Exercise big shot Denise Austin says Richard Simmons is doing fine and dandy in the shadows ... what's more, she's sharing a portion of their old wellness schedules for people in isolate.

Denise tells TMZ ... her old amigo Richard is doing fine and dandy nowadays, despite the fact that he's kept himself out of the open eye for a long time and checking. Denise says she's in consistent contact with Richard's directors, and they guarantee her he's progressing admirably.

Richard and Denise go route back ... what's more, she says their wellness schedules from the '80s will truly individuals a great deal of good during coronavirus lockdown.

As we originally detailed ... Richard is making a rebound of sorts during the pandemic, presenting old wellness recordings on his YouTube channel, the first action there in quite a while.

Denise and her little girl, Katie Austin, likewise have some really basic exercises for people cooped up inside ... what's more, you needn't bother with a lot other than your appendages and some canned pasta sauce.

Simply be cautious with that sauce ... as Katie says, you don't need splatter!!!