Jasirah Bellydance - drum solo

Belly dance is a dance that originated in Egypt. It features movements of the waist and torso. Depending on the country or region, both costumes and dance styles have evolved into different forms. Thanks to Egyptian cinemas, Egyptian styles and costumes are best known in the world. The traditional Egyptian rhyme Egyptian style  is popular all over the world and is now practiced in many schools around the world. "Belly dance" is a translation of the French  danse du ventre. The name first appeared in 1864 in a review of the Orientalist painting "The Dance of Almeh" by Jean-Léon Jerome. The first known usage of the term "belly dance" in English refers to a Middle Eastern dancer who performed at the  Paris World's Fair in 1893. 

 Informal and social form of  dance is called Raqs Baladi ("national dance" or "folk dance") in Egyptian Arabic and is considered an indigenous dance. Raqs Sharqi ("Eastern Dance") is a wide range of professional dance styles, including today's well-known belly dance styles such as Raqs Baladi, Sa'idi, Ghawazee and Awalim.