All right this is gonna be like really quick I just want to give you an update. like three and a half weeks post-op I went to the gym today for the first time it felt incredible my body was really good to tell me when to stop and I listened because I would love to go back tomorrow and not screw it up.

I just did really light cardio and really just focus on the lower extremities and that's it um this sports bra I wanted to work for you guys because I am absolutely in love with it.

For the girls out there who double bra okay I was totally part of that Club before this procedure and it was annoying but it worked I love this bra because I haven't run obviously but uuum I feel like this bra is more supportive than any other bride or put on my body sports bra twice and probably could speak for any type of bra but um it is such a great bra and I highly recommend it and like you know I will certainly report back to you when I do start running and see how it goes.

But I will say it has a Razorback race your pecker Razorback however you say that I don't know what but the actual term is but it has that option if you want it so that's really exciting I thought you had obviously but this seriously it's like the best sports bra ever in my opinion it is the panic sports and it's just so good so I am a 30h so it literally comes in a variety of sizes and it is truly magnificent literally.

I also wanted to show you another bra that I got and I am so in love with this day like I kind of say I really am loving this boutique it's so nice they have a lot of really great options and speaking of question for the ladies out there who are bigger chested where you shop like at a regular store where do you shop for bras because I feel like Target from my variance at least pick up to like 40 double D or Triple D I can't remember but I know and I can't wear and it's really inconvenient.

I guess on the end of I would really love to be able to go to like MoMA or Target and buy bras that are the good quality but still you know like I'm finding a strapless really quick for an event you know I can just run out and get it really quick and come back this boutique I love and it's gonna you know continue to be my place but it's like 45 minutes away so if they on the outside to that but but anyway so if you can like let me know.

Uum I know my mother told me Macy's but we don't have a Macy's around us so again I'm like so just you know if you can let me know where you find fam that'd be wonderful today I used pasties my gel pasties for gel pads because like taping the nipples again because it's just work but that's gonna hurt but anyway that's across that bridge when we get there.

Uum so that's this sports bra I really love it this is the progress so far this one is doing wonderful this one is doing great too it's continuing to drop obviously it is dropping slower than this one and that's fine um this is the one that strata the walk through both my straps be you know this is one stitches and just to like show you so that's where the stitch was that's where the stitches and then this is the pain pump and this is the surgical bra and that's the pain pump and that's the surgical bra so definitely I'm excited to like for them to heal completely that'll be great.

But I do want to say I'm very happy with the progress I've been making with them so if I'm going to the gym and a bunch of work clusters same Friday um I went to Peck to work the week before that but I wouldn't have I feel like an hour because I just could not do it I yeah that was bad but anyways so I went back last week Thursday and Friday and their 12-hour shifts and it went beautifully.

I'm so worried but it really did go very well and it was like the best thing I could have done because it was just a great sense of normalcy and going back to the gym today found amazing and incredible too because again I just feel like I'm getting back to my normal routine so it just you know we all feel better when when that happens.

So I'm nothing to report on there oh so with these my incisions so he used glue as opposed to stitches to close the incision so every time I take a shower I am a little afraid to release grab it really hard but um I do scrub it so that like more glue will come off and I do you feel like maybe it's taking off some my skin.

I'm not sure I can't tell if it's l ike the glue mark or skin and mark like I'm like I had to ask my husband and like what do you think that is so we're not sure but whatever it is it's healing I know I'm not good at just sitting still.

So I'm hoping I hit mess anything up like when I feel under like there on this one like right now I feel like this little tiny like oh that's tape sorry nevermind okay take that back anyway um sorry yeah so it must be gross but this is like the tape my boobs but there's like hardly any left so anyway business them just so that you can see how they're dropping.

And I have been moving on last night and reach them aligned and it felt so nice oh my gosh just like just to get home like moving felt incredible so I of love love love doing this because when you put him in a bra there's kind of stuff all day so it's so nice to just have a girl so great and they're not laying on my back yet.

Sometimes when I wake up I'm pretty darn close to it and I will see that kind of hurts but that feels great and it just feels nice to take the pressure off of here going up like moving them up is not the best feeling but it's okay like I just feel like and this is just to show you that they're like finally moving and they're still really staff I can't really tell and you can probably tell this by the movie now there's still like really stuff but they're getting there.

they will stop in I had the same experience with my first breast augmentation where they were like this like you know felt hard not hard they don't feel hard but they could both be feel firm and then they you know obviously like loosened up you know and like normal boobs so this is the progress so far.

I will say um since I'm disclosing like the good bad and the dirty so with the double stocking this has a better transition than this so I can feel like we're like this breast implant is as opposed to where this one is or at least in my head so I'm hoping that it'll correct itself as it dropped because this one is the one that hasn't really dropped as much as this one this is dropping at a much better pace than this one and this one has a much better transition like it feels much more natural goes with the floor at least excuse me um I think that's all I really.

Noticed oh okay I wanted to for you because I really loved it and she brought it on at first I was like oh my gosh that's like you know a full coverage bra but I'm gonna say I really love it and it it truly makes for the best t-shirt or ever so even though it has like all this detail all of this lace detail oh and she actually told me the right way to put on anyway a bra.

This is a wire bra and this is not the correct way to put it on so all of us girls who have been putting our bras on my best since we were like 12 this is not the correct way just saying she said that since we have to flip it up like this it comes the wire and it gets it out of place so anyway wait right now I'm putting it in the correct way is not very comfortable for me and even just putting bras on it takes just a little longer than normal.

At the moment all right I am absolutely in love with this bra and right now like this is what I was talking about with my romper the pointyness um this is why I did not wear these pants these gel pads I mean it bulls because I feel like it cleaning like that but anyway so that's why they look but this is it so I don't love this bra so much like. 

Um and I'm not going to wear it yet it's just so incredibly supportive and it like you know I feel like it separates my cleavage a little bit which is such a comfortable feeling from being scrunched up all day um so I really love this bra it was totally worth it I'm not wearing it though until I asked my doctor Wednesday so two days if I can actually start running under wires so I want to get his opinion first and I was where this oh my goodness a 12-hour shift would feel like heaven in this bra.

I'm just saying like and honestly I would totally rock the sports bra at work because no one would see it and it would feel so amazing so I'm really excited about these bras I got to say but isn't this beautiful like it is so nice.

I really really love it I really love it it is numerous comfortable thing like Antonio its make go to these boutiques I know that they're like where money and that part I'm not excited to go but you did some really good quality bras and he feels so good so that's it um like I said miss I'm really short even though I still took 11 minutes but well.

So this is them it's like three and a half weeks and I'm feeling really really good and I will just keep you posted.

thank you.