Into the breasts so where are we gonna find the fat from means she's standing at our 165 centimeters and she will value 50 kilograms or so saturated no not that at all but okay now so testify idea even in people who are not fat what within their range await you normally can find certain facts here in that.

Jesus you look at her in other words just dressed up shipped to other dresses looks very nice and on the moment she undresses itself and the four pounds right look at here right see we have a typical butterfly comes you know maybe take it the other way she can have very very sweet house you can see that each other factor right and then we're at where's all the other extra fat you would run okay you see that lower tummy this is got fat no love handles all right now there's a whole charm of fat Cisco that everywhere right hearing that.

But this is really know what happened is you're gonna have a very much sight and arch back and I'm gonna have a very nice hourglass figure right so especially the low back you hear a nice touch we will go back one you're gonna get is something like this you should see our lower back and then the buttocks I'm gonna look perky right looks leave that because your heart were asking oh my back okay so come let's look at so we're not going to get from arm saw.

Tommy we didn't get from where I'm gonna get one of things does that's problematic area okay you can take a look from the front.

Both of you you see that it's hosting chunk of fat night right come here look from the front flip front from the front both of you come see me you see that okay is very sick or but in the thanks it's also very thick you see that right and then what about the knees you see you see that right it's not especially see but it is fully thickness triggers wrong rightly see now we look at a and athletic knees have shown a few patients before it's all supposed to be some come in right there's no fat at all right and you see this you see that okay good all right I'm here see right it's all bone and steam is that all right so we have plenty of fat to take right and then turn to me to the right what about the front of the thighs you see that a whole stick channel fat front on the fine right and then since I go to your left side meaty other and you can see the side of back right okay there's really thick set of back and back of the thigh inside and Compton is the wall piece and you can see the center back which makes that whole buttocks drop down right so if you remove the saddlebags and remove the large part of the buttocks right and remove all this area this whole child you will make it less heavy and the whole buttocks will just bounce up right now when you see that and the whole thing is written down right you.

See that okay now there's plenty of fat to be used so if her main purpose is to get fat grafting to the branch is what she wants is to get faculty the breasts to increase how many cups last you want but one cup mm I if you to get one cup size in quiz you will probably need about three sessions so what I suggest is just do half a file at a time right so for both flies we can do it in four sessions then you can get these four sessions of that crafting right so if you want to do house you can have on another session that you can do love we can add on another section there so overall for the whole body.

You can have met these six actions effect crafting to the brass if you do this every three months and spread it over two years you can have a reasonably large sized cup sizes are like a box key I think you'll be happy with small yeah alright so we're gonna do the math so so what troubles you most you want to do that a lot of classes do you want to do it in a pot okay so we'll take the stuff in fact yeah all right so we're gonna do is we're gonna do the outer pop chips now okay so kiss me kiss me okay so we're gonna do from here now when we do liposuction.

you do the whole entire length of the banks will adjust to how this is all the way from keeps all the way to the knees very sick so today what we're gonna address here is keep done right we're gonna leave frontal pipe I'm gonna leave the inner thighs I'm going to need at least for the next section I think so today is all the way from the five committees can you look at your buttocks right so you're gonna do everything in the back of the times right the bottles so at the end of the procedure you gonna see the bubbling of gel morning right actually if you want to use you can section right so that's what we do today now she's not very happy with the dress.

You buy if I were her I would probably quite happy because this is agent sighs it's pretty for yourself got young presents beautiful the only thing is that you know kisser over here you next volume and like most women I guess you would like to have flaunt the brass sure you will be able a low-cut dress and even if show some cleavage the problem is oh she stopped a lot of mass here but if you notice what happened here in the center part is bony right so what we can do is we will try to increase put something here okay we've put it in the middle.

So if you love this part so when you wear a nice padded bra or nice wooden rod is pushed from the side I can have a very nice cleavage all right so you look from here right I see this pretty pony see that this body right all this do they have a nice cleavage right I don't think you wanna bring this part it's small here they won't show all right wear something low-cut.

So if with implants we knew we put an implant most of the body will be here right so you have very large breasts and sometimes you want to put it like like a month in the bright claim you put it lower down you don't have a very little breast amused Academy poses a killer oppose the mrs. price to that moment in transit so it doesn't look very natural so that I prefer to use fat grafting.

Because if you do it correctly fax tends to survive forever indefinitely all right well you must do in the right way and one way is to have

us in fact not with machine that's quite abusive in psycho suction but you have this effect with machines is more likely that they will show you that sighs all right so I guess what we're going to do we're going to do liposuction of the octopi.