Today we will talk about the self-examination; every woman must know why she can examin on her own and at home, because it is quite simple and sometimes it can save your life.

Examination of the external genital organs is most convenient. An ordinary mirror must be examined with clean hands that we can initially examine the pubic part we examine the skin and at the same time we probe there are no or no seals of the formations of dents pay attention if what you found is pulsating then most likely we probed the vessel we probed we go down below the female external genital organs they consist of the labia majora of the labia minora above them there is the clitoris under the clitoris the entrance to the urethra below the entrance to the vagina the perineum and once without knots and every woman she looks like her but if your lips were absolutely symmetrical and over time 1 suddenly became larger this is a reason to worry and contact to the doctor.

With one hand you hold a mirror so that you can see your external genitals in the reflection and with the other you help to examine yourself by examining the labia majora labia minora you need to dilute them with two fingers like this to look at the entrance to the vagina do not try to make an internal examination on your own.

What we pay for attention on the skin should not be papillomas and warts, not ulcers, tubercles or dents, then you examine the anus and perineum, but I will dilute like this, but there may be cracks on my fingers and associated, for example, with dryness in the vagina with atrophic problems sometimes it can be even microtrauma after intimacy, therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to their Janus Warnitsa to the gynecologist and buy an hour on your own, you are remembered by your eyes and such symptoms press on the wheel of the riverbed lapdogs of charm and discomfort a new yard as they don’t pin out now with her by the deeds of blood muscles come to naught either during menstruation by ja va to an appointment but smell at any age a woman should go to the doctor be healthy.