When babies have their vaccinations there are things we can do to reduce their pain and distress join. Their injections research shows that breastfeeding can provide much more than nourishment to babies.

It also helps reduce their pain and distress from injections as you can see in this video the doctor or nurse gives the injections while the baby is breastfeeding.

In order for breastfeeding to have a maximum effect it should be started before the injection long enough for your baby to be attached and sucking well.

As a mother you can help by holding and breastfeeding your baby while the injections are being given if your baby requires a further injection in the other leg position your baby on the other breast ensure your baby has latched and is sucking well before the next needle is given.

Ask your nurses or doctors about breastfeeding during vaccinations or other needles as well as other ways you can help babies during painful procedures.